About Us

I have been raising and training Labrador Retrievers with my family for many years. My Parents had several breeds and then began to excessively breed and train Labs, as both hunters and family dogs. My brothers and sisters also took a loving to Labs; we have a long line of several generations of labs to this day. I also have worked with several other breeds. I enjoy traveling, so I have decided to try a smaller breed of dogs to join me. My pug, Morrie, who is also my inspiration of Our Best Friends LL

I had also been in search of new lines of work. I had to consider, what do I really love to do? It was not hard to decide. Whatever I planned to do had to involve dogs! And so began the foundation of my dream. Our Best Friend LLC.

Since Our Best Friend is open and staffed 24 hours there will always be a canine specialist available to cater to your furry loved one’s every need. Rest assured that your dog is well cared for at all times as our staff is thoroughly trained in canine behavior.

And we always keep a watchful eye on canine good manners. We have a team of very qualified individuals here at Our Best Friend Doggie Daycare and Boutique LLC including management and staff members who are certified in Canine First Aid and CPR.

Janelle Pacheco
Gig Harbor Location Manager

Tess Anderson
Purdy Location Manager